Thursday, December 7, 2017

Where is Waldo? Oh, I mean Elinor

Here's where you can find me - just in case you were looking.

My book - "The Professional Woman's Guide To Conflict Management: indispensable tips, tools, and techniques for your workplace" (Packet, 2014) can be found at and

My blog posts appear on the Huffington Post at And, I have a few on Forbes too -

Take a look at my website -

Together with my husband, David Spofford, I provide divorcing couples with a one-stop alternative to the traditional (or collaborative) attorney-driven model of divorce.  Take a look at our website  We are the Gainesville Mediators.

As a faculty member with Mediation Training Group I am still providing on-going basic and advanced Mediation Training Programs.  Take a look at

Finally, I will be taking another group of mediators to Israel for a magical 8-night Ed-venture during November 2018.  This trip provides 25 hours of Florida Bar approved CLEs, CMEs for mediators, and CEUs for mental health professionals.  If you want to join us please contact me directly.

Hope we see each other soon! Until then, happy trails...