Friday, January 16, 2009

Two Sides To Every Story

Q: How do you deal with an employee who doesn't get along with the rest of the staff? There are seven women working in close proximity. One woman refuses to take her lunch break with the others. She will not talk to them either. This attitude makes the six other employees uncomfortable. What ideas do you have to alleviate this problem?

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Bride's Guide To Starting Your Marriage Off Right

Each year, over two million brides and grooms come to their weddings full of love and hopeful expectations. Sadly, for many, "the honeymoon" is soon over and statisticians tell us that couples today have a less than even chance of staying together. Worse yet, many of those who do stay together, stay in misery - in marriages that have disintegrated into lonely unions plagued with disappointments.

Friends, relatives, and parents don't seem able to help young couples strengthen their marriage skills. Even if their marriages do work, these relations are typically not prepared to readily share the intimate details of their marital successes and failures.

Early on in my career as a divorce mediator I became fascinated with the relationship dynamics of the couples that came to me for help. I was interested in finding what had happened to move them away from believing that they would live together, happily ever after. I wanted to see and understand where their relationships had gone wrong and I had a rare vantage point.

So I started putting my thoughts and observations onto paper and ultimately, my notes became a book. Today, I believe that it is possible to counteract and avoid many of the pitfalls that destroy our marriages. However, it appears that it is critical that things start off right. Once the damage is done, it is almost impossible to go back and repair the bond - to reattach emotionally.

My book is titled "The Bride's Guide To Starting Your Marriage Off Right." Clearly, there is both a need and a market for this book; the book stores have lots of books for planning the wedding, and volumes on fixing a bad relationship, but little on how to start a marriage. Accordingly, I really want to get my message out. But, I am told that until the economy turns around and the publishing business is back and clamoring for new titles, publishing the book will be very difficult. So I decided to post the book on this blog, in segments, over the next few months. Please stay tuned.